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leave the cage door open

she's pretty but she don't have all her wits

25 May
it was baby tarzan in the shrieking shack with the sonic screwdriver!

my name is ISABELLE and i am 17 and i like liking things

i’ve just graduated high school and have been stuck in a suburb in southern california for my whole life so whatever

i’m going to uni in the fall for communications as a backup for if i don’t become a real life disney princess or earn the gold medal in olympic level being posh as fuck

i don’t know what i’m going to do with my life but i’m going to continue to photoshop and bake cakes at midnight ok

i like music and people like one direction and harry potter and little mix and the hunger games and justin bieber and victorious and glee and i like liking things unironically because it’s a waste of energy to pretend to like things you don’t

i’m in love with everyone

ENFJ: Extravert(22%), iNtuitive(62%), iNtuitive Feeling(88%), Judging(67%)

✁ I am the Andy Mientus of LiveJournal.

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